Everything That You Need To Know About Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular games and are considered to be the favorite pastime of millions of people all over the world. Starting from kids to adults almost everyone enjoys solving a game of crossword puzzle. After all, it serves as a great brain exercise especially, for the elderly people. But, in spite of the game’s popularity, how many of you are actually aware of its background? Well, most people aren’t so you need not feel guilty about it. If you want you can brush up your knowledge a bit.

  • Where Did Crossword Puzzles Come From?

The first ever crossword puzzle known was designed by Arthur Wynne who was published in the New York World. Usually, the paper featured several other exercises such as connect-the-dots, hidden words, and word squares. But, Arthur Wynne wanted to try out something new, and that’s when he gave birth to crossword puzzles.


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  • What Are The Different Types Of Crossword Puzzles?

There are three primary types of crossword puzzles in the English language which includes a free form or criss-cross crossword, cryptic crossword, standard crossword and American-style crossword puzzles.


  • Where Can I Find Free Crossword Puzzles?

You can find crossword puzzles in any of the daily newspapers or even in certain magazines. In case you are bored of waiting for the newspaper crossword puzzles daily, you can find them on the internet.

For every crossword addict, it is very important to find out the answers to the puzzle. Usually, the answers to the newspaper crossword puzzles are published in the next day’s edition. But, if you are an impatient person then you can resort to online sites that provide you with the crossword quiz answers. There are plenty of crossword puzzle help sites out there on the internet.