History & Evolution of HVAC systems

HVAC systems is invented and discovered by Nikolay Lvov, Michael Faraday, Edwin Ruud, James Joule, Reuben Trane, Sadi Carnot and many others. In recent times, Hvac systems are easily installed by contractors like hvac contractor hinesville ga and for any repairs we can contact ac repair hinesville ga. So let us see what is the history and how is the system evolved.



How it is developed at 1000s to 1600s?

Around 1000s-1400s, it was the period of Egyptians, Greeks,  Germans, Chinese, and Indians. At that time, Indians need to use the rope fans and Egyptians need to use the man-powered fans. Something like hypocaust is used by Romans and it has the radiating heat system for rooms and steam for the bath. Chimneys had been used until the start of the 1400s for the private rooms. Around 1500s -1600s, In mines ventilating machine used by France. And this machine was having the series of blade fans to direct the fresh air into the shaft. At this time chimney house idea came to America from Europe as  Georgia is most famous for heating and air conditioning contractor hinesville ga. To heat the homes they used a huge quantity of coal and firewood.


Evolution from 1700s to 1800s

Firstly, stove used by many countries which is built of bricks. The first Mercury thermometer invented by Ferdinand. These inventions have changed the life of the whole world. First stove which known as the steam heating system is invented by Benjamin Franklin. Furnace stove used in England for heating air. Heat advanced from the friction which is considered as vibrations. Thermodynamics established by the Carnot and heat produces by James Joule.


In 1900s,it has seen sudden sharp invention and evolution in the HVAC system. Huge use of the furnace system seen with centrifugal fans, massive fans system, high-speed fans centrifugal fans, high-pressure steam heating systems, and axial flow fans with small electric motors.