How to Reduce Your Weight in a Short Period of Time

Obesity is a common problem to our generation. According to a research in United Kingdom, 80% females are getting frustrated for their body weight. Over weight creates mental stress.  Some dieticians stated that, you can get a proper weight if you follow a strict diet. So now the question ishow much time a good diet plan takes to reduce your extra body fat?

Generally you can loss 12-24 pounds in around 3 weeks, if you maintain a good food habit.3 week diet plan is strict diet to maintain. You need to be very determined if you are following 3 week diet plans.

Why we suppose to follow a good diet plan?

Our body needs a proper nutrition, and a healthy diet helps to give proper nutrition to our body. Not only that some peoples are facing trouble for their overweight issues. The 3 week diet plan is a balanced diet which helps us in reducing extra body fat.  Dieticians have made a 3 weeks diet chart.

the 3 week diet

Proper food habit

  • You need to have a proper food habit if you want to lose your body fat in 3 weeks.
  • At the Noon- 2 boiled eggs, Sautéed Spinach and mushroom
  • At Afternoon- Boiled vegetables, Cauliflower
  • At night- Chicken soup, kale, some steamed vegetables, Mushrooms
  • Proper exercise – 20 Minutes exercise per day can helps a lot to reduce fat. You can take help from trained Yoga instructors for betterment of your exercise.

What are the benefits of short time diet Plan?

Now the question is, doesthe 3 week diet plan really works?  According to some dieticians, yes the 3 week diet plan works perfectly. Not only that 3 week dietreviewsalso stated that it can improve our body shape and gives us relief from obesity. 3 week diet plan also helps to improve metabolism system of our body. We can get a smooth and nourished skin by following 3 week diet.