How Two Guys Created Biggest Messaging App

Even today, if you search out for the best messaging app on the play store the result that you will get would be WhatsApp Application. An application that was introduced to the world in the year 2009 has suddenly become one of the biggest chatting apps in the world with over a billion users. It all began when two employees of Yahoo Brian Acton and Jan Koum both left their jobs to do something with their lives. In a bit of a phase of their unemployment they also interviewed for a job at Facebook but were declined.


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After that in 2008 they got to know that iPhone would be launched an app store soon in which there will be many applications, so they should make a messaging app. The name “WhatsApp” came from the phrase “what’s up”. On 24 February the company was finally incorporated.  Brian Acton persuaded five of his friends who worked at Yahoo with him to invest a quarter million dollars each to develop the app. As they soon released WhatsApp 2.0, the number of users suddenly increased to around two hundred and fifty thousand. You whatsapp downloading from play store now but at that time, the founders had to shift the app from free to pay to cover the costs sending verification texts to users.

In the year 2011, Sequoia Capital a hefty sum of 8 million dollars for a fifteen percent share in the equity. But the best part for Free WhatsApp was yet to come. As you can download WhatsApp for android easily, the popularity of the app spread like fire. On the date 19 February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 19 Billion Dollars, which had 4 Billion Dollars in cash and rest was shares and stock. A company that once refused to give jobs to two guys, ended up paying 19 Billion Dollars to them.