New Way of Diet the Best Initiative against Obesity

Obesity is one of the major threats in contemporary world. According to the information from some renounced health periodical more than thirty percent people are dying in each year due to obesity related diseases. The issue of overweight directly addressed by the3 week diet program.

Gaining more body weight can be treated as the threat for life. 2.1 billion People across the globe are suffering for Obesity. Diet control is apractice that is becoming popular among the overweight population in all across the globe. In this respect 3 week dietcan ensure body weight reduction.

What is 3 week diet?

Three week diet is a diet control programs related with obesity. This program hasfour different stages. Each of them contributes a distinct influence over the body weight control. These four stages are

  • Detoxing
  • Fasting
  • Fat phase
  • Custom dieting

How does it work?

The 3 week diet reviews


It is the first part of the program. In this part the dieter restricts them with a specific food intake. In this initial phase of the program they forsake their usual eating practice and abstain from all the diet they are familiar with. This process will clean the entire system of the human body. The noticeable weight loosing is the visible result of the process.


Fasting is one of important part of whole program. The duration of the fasting is twenty four hours. The dieter starts their fasting in the end of one day and continues until end of the next day.

Fat phase:

In this phase the dieter receives extra fat with their food intake. This fat is not directly related with obesity. Dieter can burn this fat easily, with being obese due to this.

Custom dieting:

In the phase of custom dieting the dieter can take only limited calories according to their specification. They cannot consume more than 1200 calories in a day.

The 3 week diet reviews describes the effective health initiative to resolve the issue of obesity.