Reasons Why People Are Rapidly Switching From Smoking Pipe To Smoking Electronic Shisha Pen

You must remember that even though shisha pens are a very recent trend, it has gained enormous popularity in a very short period of time due to the numerous advantages it provides over regular hookah.

hookah pen

It does not contain nicotine

Even though strictly alone nicotine is not harmful, it is a very powerful stimulant which causes addiction. Electronic hookah does not contain nicotine and hence there are less chances of growing an addiction to it.

No smoking regulations controlling the smoke of shisha pen

Different countries have different laws. Some country has restricted smoking to certain hours or places while others allow it freely without restrictions. Shisha pen does not come inside the preview of the government officials simply because it does not produce smoke. Hence, it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere without any restriction.

Bliss for non smokers

Passive smoking is extremely hazardous to the health of the non-smoker. Any person sitting in the close vicinity of a person who is smoking invariably ends up inhaling the smoke released. So in spite of not smoking, he or she is exposed to the same potential health hazards.

Since electronic shisha does not release any smoke, it is safe for the health of the people sitting around.

Affordability of hookah pen

Smoking a traditional hookah in a pub can be quite an expensive affair. It is a similar story when it comes to owing a hookah set up at home since it requires regular refills. Now if you compare it to a hookah pen and take into account the average number of puffs it provides which is normally in the range of 550-650, it comes out as a much more affordable and cheaper choice.

Now to add on to this fact, if you take into account the health benefits it provides, then it becomes a no brainer as to why people are rapidly switching from your traditional hookah to an electronic one.