Rustic Pathways CEO – Travel,Education, Philanthropy

Rustic Pathways is an avant-garde in providing world class travel and service programs to all the students. They not only provide travel programs but have successfully assimilated travel education along with Philanthropy   throughout the world. The mission of this Organization is to empower students through creative travel experiences to create pleasant impact on people throughout the world.

Chris Stakich – Rustic PathwaysCEO

This world class organization is led by Chris Stakich. Chris is the CEO and Chairman of Boardat Rustic Pathways. Chris graduated from the Harvard University in 2001 and has spent multiple years working in the field of travel along with education.He thrives on creativity and excellence and has been working with Rustic Pathways in every possible capacity.

Chris and the Organization believe that travel should necessarily be a part of the education system .Along with Rustic Pathways he also is a part of the boards of University School Ohio. He is currently based out of San Francisco and is ideology and goal is to develop future leaders.

Chris also shared his story about the myth of linear progression and reminded one and all that there are many paths and multiple definitions of success.

Rustic PathwaysCEO

More about Rustic Pathways CEO

Rustic Pathways is widely viewed as a global leader in community service and education based travel for students. Rustic Pathways has its operations in more than 20 countries throughout the world and has been hiring students from more than 60 countries. It has also been named as one the best 100 places to work.

Rustic Pathways primarily focuses on these three keywords which are Education, Travel and Philanthropy. Their programs create a total different educational experience for their students and they use travel and philanthropy as means to achieve progress in the places that they visit.

Chris Stakichbelieves that the world in which students are going to enter is going to be completelydifferent as compared to what it used to be 10 years ago and hence Rustic Pathways CEO programs are going to be game changers. These programs will create uncomfortable situations for children and at the end the students can gain humility and intercultural experience which are important skill sets.