What arethe Reconditioned Enginesand What It Entails for Your Car?

For many of us, when our car’s performance gives us trouble, we promptly find a replacement for it. But if we sit and analyse, in most of the cases the problem lies with the engines of the cars. Usually,just reconditioned engines for our car can save us the pain and money of buying a brand new car.

Let’s take a detailed look about reconditioned engines and what all to look for before getting one.

What is it?

Sometimes a car might not work properly because of engine problems. So naturally, the first thing to do is to figure out the problem with the engine. A reconditioned engines, lexically, is one that has received a lot of repairing. When all the major parts like valves, crankshaft, piston, lifters etc. are either replaced or rearranged, it is known as reconditioning. With reconditioning, the engine is not replaced as a whole; just the problem with it is fixed per se.

reconditioned engine

Some important things to look for before purchasing reconditioned engines-

Like with all other purchases, there are certain things to make sure of before you replace your old car engine with a reconditioned one. These are-

  • Quality

One thing that cannot be compromised with is the quality. Even though there are many companies in this business, not all of them are efficient. A good reconditioned engine gets through scrupulous cleaning. Each of the damaged parts is stripped down and replaced with new ones. This includes re-facing valves, re-boring blocks and regrinding crankshafts.

  • Compatibility

While replacing the engine, you might prefer to go with a more powerful one. In that case, make sure that the size of the engine fits the car’s chassis. Also, the new engine’s weight must be compatible with the car’s. Otherwise, increase in weight will affect the braking and handling of your car.

  • Checking

Sometimes sellers may saddle you with an engine with is not up to the mark with its reconditioning. Make sure you give it a thorough checking yourself before purchasing one.

Majority of the time, reconditioned engines can solve your car related woes. So just don’t give up on your old car yet and get the engine reconditioned!